2023 Gardeners' Gift Guide

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All we want for Christmas is…gardening gear! And we’ve rounded up our top gardening gift picks for 2023. From seed starting to produce preservation, we’ve got gift-giving inspiration for every gardener!

GreenStalk Original Vertical Planter

GreenStalk Vertical Planter product image
Image source: GreenStalk

You might have seen the GreenStalk Vertical Planter showcased on your favorite gardening YouTube channels…And for good reason! The GreenStalk is a super-versatile self-watering growing system that makes efficient use of vertical space to grow a ton of produce in a small footprint. The GreenStalk is made from high-quality, UV-resistant plastic and comes with a 5-year warranty- so it’s built strong and guaranteed to last! Use code PLANTERAPP to get $10 off your purchase of $75 or more.

Bootstrap Farmer Air Prune Propagation Tray

Bootstrap Farmer air pruning tray product image
Image source: Bootstrap Farmer

These propagation trays provide the benefit of ‘air pruning’ the roots of growing seedlings without the added learning curve and work of soil blocking. These Bootstrap Farmer Air Prune Propagation Trays are made with high-quality plastic that is built to last (and they come with a 2-year warranty!) so your giftee will get many years of life out of them. As an added bonus they come in a variety of colors- which is not only fun but also can be handy for grouping your seed starts!

Johnny’s Serrated Greens Knife

Johnny’s serrated greens knife product image
Image source: Johnny’s Selected Seeds

It might feel a bit odd to give a knife as a gift, but we can assure you any serious gardener will love this Serrated Greens Knife from Johnny’s Selected Seeds! The half-moon shape makes it easy to harvest even at awkward angles, and the fine serrations offer a nice clean cut. It’s not only great for harvesting greens but could also be used to harvest zucchini, broccoli, cabbage, and more!

Park Seed Easy Tunnel

Park Seed easy tunnel product image
Image source: Amazon

The Park Seed Easy Tunnel is an easy and inexpensive way to get started with season extension techniques! They offer convenient telescoping low tunnels covered with either poly plastic, fleece row cover, or netting depending on the desired degree of protection. The best part is how easy it is to move the tunnels around the garden to where they’re needed.

Hamilton Beach Dehydrator

Hamilton Beach dehydrator product image
Image source: Amazon

While technically a kitchen gadget, the Hamilton Beach Dehydrator is the perfect gift for an avid gardener who finds themselves with gluts of produce that need preserving! Having a dehydrator means that fresh garden fruits, veggies, and herbs can be enjoyed year round- as dehydrated produce can be stored for several months- and helps prevent any precious harvests from going to the compost pile!

Spider Farmer Seedling Heat Mat Kit

Spider Farmer seedling heat mat kit product image
Image source: Amazon

A seedling heat mat might seem like an unnecessary extra piece of equipment, but for some seeds such as peppers having the added heat in the soil is crucial for good germination rates. Be sure to choose a heat mat set that comes with a thermostat and probe such as this Spider Farmer Seedling Heat Mat Kit to avoid over- or under-heating the soil. For more information on how to use seedling heat mats check out Heat Mats for Starting Seeds.

True Leaf Seed Kits

True Leaf seed kit product image
Image source: True Leaf Market

What gardener wouldn’t love getting seeds for Christmas? For gift-giving we especially love these True Leaf Seed Kits- they have a great selection of themed seed kits from salsa gardens to salad gardens to culinary herbs. The kits come in attractive gift-ready packaging and include some basic seed starting supplies so your giftee will have everything they need to get growing!

Earthway Precision Garden Seeder

Earthway precision seeder product image
Image source: Amazon

For those with a large-sized in-ground garden who are direct seeding long rows of vegetables, a row seeder like the Earthway Precision Garden Seeder is a gamechanger! No more struggling to drop tiny seeds into rows by hand! The seeder comes with several different seed plates and they can also be customized to drop a huge variety of seeds. The handy row marker ensures that rows stay straight with the correct spacing- which is not only nice to look at but also makes weeding a much more efficient task.

Lee Valley Bottle Top Waterers

Lee Valley Tools bottle top waterer product image
Image source: Lee Valley Tools

These Bottle-Top Waterers from Lee Valley Tools make the perfect stocking stuffer! They deliver an ultra-fine and controlled spray of water that’s perfect for seed starting- where a regular watering can may flood the trays and move or dislodge tiny seeds. The set of 4 waterers can serve a variety of purposes wherever precision watering is needed!

Adjustable Tabletop Grow Lights

Adjustable tabletop grow lights product image
Image source: Amazon

For a gardener that’s new to seed starting or working with limited space, these Adjustable Tabletop Grow Lights are the perfect solution! The bendable necks offer the ultimate flexibility for indoor seed starting without needing to purchase an entire rack of grow lights. The built-in timer ensures that plants will consistently get the desired amount of light each day without having to remember to turn the lights on and off!

Planter Premium Subscription

Screenshot of a customized garden plan in Planter

And of course, if your recipient doesn’t already have a Planter Premium subscription, why not get them a gift card for the App Store or Google Play so they can subscribe! They’ll be able to plan unlimited gardens, use the Planter web app, customize their garden and more!

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