2022 Gardeners' Gift Guide

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Looking for the perfect holiday gifts for the gardeners in your life? Or maybe you’re looking for some neat gardening gear to put on your own wish list (no judgment…us too!) Whoever you’re shopping for, our 2022 Gardeners’ Gift Guide has something for every gardener!

Seeding Square

Seeding Square product image

Translate your garden plan from Planter into your garden with the handy Seeding Square! This nifty square has color-coded holes to help you sow the seeds of your favorite plants following recommended per-square-foot spacings. The graduated dibber helps to ensure your seeds are planted at the right depth, too.

Gardening Socks

The best socks to garden in are usually boring old black socks (they never get dirty!) But gardening-themed socks make for a fun holiday gift that lets the recipient show off their passion for gardening even when they’re not in the garden!

Gardening Apron

Serious gardeners will love this Roo gardening apron. It’s not just any old apron with pockets- it opens at the bottom allowing you to quickly offload a large harvest into a wash bin or storage container. This is a must-have for gardeners that grow lots of tomatoes, peppers, or squash.

Garden Tool Set

If your giftee is just starting out with gardening, snap up a handy garden tool set for them! A basic but sturdy set like this one from Friskars is perfect for new gardeners.

Indoor Hydroponic Garden

Indoor hydroponic garden

How do you scratch that gardening itch during the winter? Move the garden indoors, of course! AeroGarden Hydroponic Gardens are easy to use and will provide fresh herbs, lettuce, or even cherry tomatoes year-round!

Mini Greenhouse

Mini greenhouse

Mini greenhouses are great for protecting tender seedlings and plants from harsh winds, driving rain, and chilly-ish weather, or for an indoor seed-starting setup. For outdoor use, be sure to weigh the mini greenhouse down (or otherwise secure it to the ground or a fence) and use extra fastenings to hold down the shelves.

Garden Labels

Gardeners can always make use of an extra set of garden labels to help keep track of seedlings and plants. Garden labels make a great stocking-stuffer!

Gardening Hat

Spending a lot of time in the garden means a lot of potential for sun exposure. This Einskey gardening hat is inexpensive, but it stands up to the elements. After a full season of daily use, the only noticeable wear is a slight color fading. The under-the-chin drawstring may not be the most fashionable choice, but it’s a lifesaver on windy days!

Garden Trug

A garden trug is a super-handy flexible basin for harvesting, washing produce, lugging around compost and soil- or just about anything really! They are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors so be sure to choose the one that’s right for your intended recipient (or yourself!)

Soil Sieve

This compact soil sieve is great for sifting soil and compost, and you can also use it for rinsing off your veggies! It’s not the biggest sieve on the market, but it’s the perfect size for sifting potting mix for seed starting and for sifting soil in smaller garden spaces.

Kneeling Pad

A gardener kneeling on a kneeling pad

A comfortable kneeling pad is a must-have for gardeners. Having a kneeling pad helps tackle long weeding, seeding, and transplanting sessions without getting scraped up knees. Gardeners who have trouble kneeling may prefer a garden seat instead.

Grow Bags

Even if your recipient mostly gardens in-ground or in raised beds, every avid gardener can make use of fabric grow bags. Great for patio gardening, these bags are lightweight and easy to move around, so plants can be repositioned as needed throughout the season. Grow bags have very good drainage, so make sure your giftee knows to keep an eye on watering.

Gardener’s Hand Care

A hand care gift basket is a thoughtful gift for gardeners. Include some gardener’s hand soap, gardener’s hand cream, a nail brush and other hand care tools to clean and soothe hard-working hands!

Planter Premium Subscription

Screenshot of a customized garden in Planter

If your recipient doesn’t already have a Planter Premium subscription, why not get them a gift card for the App Store or Google Play so they can subscribe! They’ll be able to plan unlimited gardens, use the Planter web app, customize their garden and more!

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