To kick off the 2024 garden planning season, we’re announcing a brand-new Planter feature: the Seed Box! The Seed Box lets you keep track of all the seeds in your seed collection. No more buying too many seeds every year! (Or at least…no more excuses😉)

Note: If you are using Planter on Android or IoS, be sure to update to the latest version to be able to access the Seed Box.

Screenshot of the Seed Box feature in Planter

Add seed packets to your Seed Box along with information about when you bought them (or saved them), how full the packet is, where you sourced them from, and any other notes about the seeds.

Screenshot of a seed packet in the Seed Box

If you’ve already favorited varieties that you have seeds for, the easiest way to get started is to import your favorite varieties. Otherwise you can easily add seed packets from the varieties view or right from the seed box.

We hope you find the Seed Box handy to catalog your seed inventory and for planning your seed purchases. We’ll be continuing to roll out some very cool enhancements to the Seed Box to make the garden planning to seed purchase process super-slick!

If you have ideas for how we could improve the Seed Box or any other Planter features use the Feature Request list to upvote requests or submit a new request!